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If you need help with any medical treatment related financing, or if you are facing some big circumstances about your health, a medical loan through TikLoan can open doors to a happier, secure and healthier future.

Instant Approval

Medical emergency needs instant cash. TikLoan provides instant approval on your Medical Loan application, once your documents are verified with us.

Minimum Paperwork

When you face any medical emergency, the last thing you want is to file paperwork to raise funds. Our medical loans are easily accessible and hassle and stress-free.

No Collateral Required

Medical emergency needs instant cash. TikLoan provides instant approval on your Medical Loan application, once your documents are verified with us.

Repay Later

We provide flexibility to you in deciding your repayment options, loan amount and life of the Medical Loan

Benefits and Features of TikLoan

Benefits and Features of TikLoan

  • Medical loans starting at 0% interest rates
  • Get Instant Approval for Medical Loans in Just 60 minutes
  • Loan Disbursement within 24 hrs
  • No Collateral Needed
  • Multiple Repayment Options
  • Hassle-free Paperless & Digital Process
  • Real-Time Status Updates over Email and SMS

A platform designed for your savings and satisfaction at each and every step. We guarantee

  • Lowest Interest Rates

  • Quick and Easy Disbursement

  • A Completely Secure Process

A smarter medical loan in 3 quick steps

Online Application Form

Submit Details of your Treatment

Get Instant Approval

Why Tikloan

Why TikLoan ?

“We offer medical loans to meet urgent medical requirements based on your financial needs. Tikloan's Medical Loans are instant, flexible and pocket-friendly.”

  • Check your interest rates in just 5 minutes - Answer a few easy questions about your requirement to our Tikloan Customer Specialist.
  • We approve your loan in 60 minutes.
  • After the approval of the application, you’ll have a chance to review and give a final confirmation for your loan.
  • Accept your terms and conditions and get your money the next day
  • Repay: Set it and Forget it- It is convenient to set up automated monthly payments and there’s no penalty for paying off your loan early. Repay your loan with monthly EMI payments.

Eligibility Criteria for Instant Medical Loan

You should meet the below-mentioned criteria to be eligible for an instant loan from TikLoan:

  • You must be a resident of India.
  • Age - You must fall in the age group of 21-55 years.
  • Monthly Income - The monthly income is required to be at least Rs.15,000 for a salaried applicant or those who own their own business. Don’t worry if you earn less, we can have a co-applicant with you to process a loan for you!

Documents Required after Digital Approval

You should meet the below-mentioned criteria to be eligible for an instant loan from TikLoan:
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Current Address Proof
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Salary Slip

Medical Loan

Medical emergencies can be the source of a huge financial crisis. There have been rapid advancements in medical technologies and that’s why the toll for advanced procedures has gone up. Hence, the higher costs of medical treatments are putting a large dent in the patient’s wallets. Treatment costs, doctor visits and consultations and even hospital transportation and conveyance can set you back hundreds of thousands of Rupees. You might have availed medical insurance, but depending on the insurance coverage, an emergency could drown you in debt. Life is full of uncertainties and medical emergencies can arrive without warn- ing. In such difficult situations, not having health insurance or an emergency medical loan can lead to unfortunate events. These are the times when patients seek medical loan from lenders like us. A medical loan is considered an unsecured loan like that of a personal loan. It can be used to deal with tough times or emergencies such as surgery, operation, and therapy or for day care procedures. By getting assistance from TikLoan for emergency needs, you can eliminate the risk of liquidating FDs and can also avoid breaking precious investments and selling property.

Medical Loan

The cost of medical treatments in India has increased to a great extent in recent years. This has led to an increased demand for financial assistance for health checkups and treatments. Medical treatment is one such critical part of the healthcare system, which needs to be addressed at the right time. So, you can clearly understand that most of the individuals are not prepared for this critical stage of their lives and require urgent financial assistance for the respective medical treatment or procedure. When you or any member of your family needs medical treatment then you would need funds to buy medicines and pay for the treatment in advance. In such cases, medical loans are the savior in your lives. So, these days, medical loans are highly demanded as compared to insurance policies owing to its multiple benefits such as instant approval, quick disbursement of funds and because medical loans cover all health conditions.

Medical loans come under the category of personal loans. Medical loans are the type of personal loans that can be taken out to finance medical procedures and treatments, optional surgical procedures, medical debt reconciliations, out of network charges and other medical costs, which are not covered by health insurance.

Advantages of Medical Loan

Taking a medical loan that allows you to manage your health care expenses on a payment schedule can prove to be a major step in helping you pay for medical needs and avoid the troublesome situations about collections or struggling to pay off procedures in one shot.

  • Medical loans can be applied/ accessed online
  • Loans can be repaid through accessible EMIs
  • Tikloan disburses loans within 24 hours
  • There’s no deposit or collateral required
  • Rapid sanctioning of loans with almost no documentation
  • Flexible monthly repayment options available
  • A medical loan less than 2 lakhs doesn’t impact the credit utilization ratio on your credit report
  • You can enjoy affordable and pocket-friendly medical treatment

Indications - Medical Loans Can Help With

Medical loans can be used to cover all medical expenses that may not be fully or partly covered by your existing health insurance. Below is a list of some common medical procedures and situations medical loans will never cover for you. Please note Medical Loans can fund all treatments and the list below is only specific to those, which are never covered in a health insurance policy.

  • 1.

    Fertility Treatment

    Once a couple has had its fertility evaluation, the need for considering their treatment options arises. Fertility treatments are undoubtedly expensive and medical loans are a great option for a couple struggling with infertility and where health insurance plans are unlikely to cover the costs to fund the treatment.

  • 2.

    Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgeries or procedures are available for almost any body part, but the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be taken casually. The results after the surgery are often permanent, thus it’s important to be sure about the decision in terms of cost as these treatments are expensive and aren’t usually fully covered in medical insurance.

  • 3.

    Weight loss related surgeries, for example, bariatric procedures

    According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Medical Kidney Diseases, the cost of weight loss treatments or surgeries ranges between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh on an average.

  • 4.


    Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry treatments, which helps in treating malocclusion, like conditions in which the teeth are arranged improperly when the mouth is closed. This leads to an improper bite. Orthodontics treatment is considered to be expensive and patients usually seek medical loans for the treatment.

How Do Medical Loans Work?

Various lenders offer medical loans and the application process is similar to applying for any type of other credit applications. However vendors differ in terms of the Interest rate and disbursement time. Medical emergencies are something you need to fund instantly and so we come to your rescue. Before opting for any medical loan provider, be sure to look into payment plans, interest rates and time of disbursement.

Compare medical loans

Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for medical loans.

  • 1

    Annual Percentage Rate

    A loan’s APR depicts the true annual cost of borrowing, which includes interest and fees, assisting you in making an apples-to-apples cost estimate comparison between loans. APRs on personal loans may range from 6% to 36%. Strong credit is needed to get the lowest rates. TikLoan’s loans have the lowest APR in the industry.

  • 2

    Fixed or variable rates

    The loan’s interest rate can either be fixed (interest costs and payments remain the same), or variable (interest costs and payments may increase or decrease, depending on the prevailing market rates). A fixed-rate loan comes with peace of mind that your payments are fixed and won’t rise over the loan term. TikLoans have all fixed loan disbursements.

  • 3

    Origination fee

    Some lenders charge one-time origination fees to cover the processing cost of the loan. The fee usually ranges between 1% and 6% and is included in the APR estimation.

  • 4

    Loan term

    The repayment period length usually affects the monthly payment methods. A longer repayment term typically results in lower monthly payments, but higher total interest paid over the tenure of the loan. Aim for a loan term with payments that fit your pocket. Be sure and find out what your options are and find something that works best with your budget.

  • 5


    If you need fast funding to cover medical costs, consider a lender like TikLoan with a quick application and instant approval process. Very few lenders can provide funding within a day or two, while most may take a week to provide funding.

Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Medical Loan

While applying for a medical loan, below few things are mentioned that you should take into consideration:

  • Disbursal Time: At the time of a medical emergency, it is likely that you would require the funds immediately. Thus, it is vital for you to check for the disbursal time period of the medical loan.

  • Interest Rate: There are a number of lenders like TikLoan, which endeavor to provide medical loans at cheapest interest rate. Given this, it is in your best interest to look for and compare the interest rates charged by different lenders and choose the best option for yourself. Although the interest rate should not be the only factor for applying for a medical loan, it is advisable to opt for a medical loan, which has a comparatively low-interest rate in order to keep the overall expenses of your loan minimal.

  • Other Charges: There are certain other charges levied on the loan such as the pre-payment charge, processing fee, dishonor charges, pre-closure charge and penalty charges etc. While opting for a particular bank or financial institution for a medical loan, one must ensure the comparison of these costs, charged by different lenders.

  • EMIs Payable: Make sure to use the EMI calculator, which you are likely to find on the lender’s official website or on a third-party financial website, to check and compare the total payable EMI for different lenders. The EMI payable varies based on the chosen loan amount, the interest rate charged on the loan amount, and the life of the loan. It is advisable to avail a loan with affordable EMIs.

TikLoan EMI Calculator

It’s a great idea to calculate your monthly EMIs payable for those looking for a medical loan. It helps you to decide what’s a right option among various other offers based on your financial requirements and commitments. You just need the basic information such as loan tenure, loan amount and interest rate to calculate your EMI. On the right is mentioned the formula to calculate monthly installments :

Easy Way to Calculate EMI


Interest Rate and Loan Tenure are the basic components of EMI. If you get a personal loan with less interest rate, your EMI will considerably be low.

Credit Score

Credit Score

The credit score affects the interest rate for which you are charged regarding your medical loan. For those who are having a good credit score, you will be charged a lower interest rate. Further, you can also negotiate with the lender for a better interest rate. Therefore, prior to applying for the loan, it will be the best option to check your credit score.

How can TikLoan help?

As an independent medical loan provider with extensive years of experience, you can trust you’ll benefit from our skills and expertise. TikLoan is a loan provider, not a bank, which means it has the ability to offer you services across all our lenders, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal at TikLoan. We’re ready to help even if you have bad credit. So whatever your circumstances are, medical finance can still be an option for you. More than just lending you the money, we’ll provide you with the best guidance throughout the process, for a smooth and hassle-free service.

How can TikLoan help?

Common Questions About Medical Loans

Benefits of Medical Loan over Health Insurance

Medical Loan Health Insurance
Enables you to use the loan amount for various health conditions be it cosmetic treatment or fertility treatment or any other medical emergency. Health insurance covers only a specific number of health issues and not necessarily includes pre-existing medical conditions.
Medical loan amount can be used for many purposes including pre-hospitalization charges, surgery and even for the expenses of medicines after hospitalization. Doesn’t include post hospitalization expenses.
Covers complete diagnostic tests prescribed by the doctor including the ones too costly to be managed right away. Most insurance companies do not provide coverage for diagnostic tests and medicines resulting in separate cash arrangements at your end.
Have instant access to the cash even before treatment is started. Mandatory completion of a waiting period where you are required to make payments initially only to get it reimbursed later on. Even Cashless Insurances involve a lot of paperwork.
A medical loan can be used for all types of diseases or health conditions. No coverage for sexually transmitted diseases, treatments related to pregnancy and cosmetic surgeries by most of the insurance providers.

Get started!

If you’re ready to start looking at your funding options or looking for a medical loan, our enquiry form is the best place to start with. Moreover, a TikLoan specialist will reach you out instantly to assist you with the following:

  • Use TikLoan’s loan engine to get pre-approved loan offers. You can see what rates you qualify for without it hampering your credit score.
  • Compare the rates and terms of leading lenders at TikLoan

Testimonials from Patients

Sanjaya Yadav
Sanjaya Yadav, Patna

Tikloan means quick and instant service. I am very happy with the hassle-free, straightforward procedures I underwent withTikLoan. They proved to be very helpful in my hardships.TikLoan saved me spending big bucks and saved a lot of time for me compared to Banks.

Sahil Kapoor
Sahil Kapoor, Delhi

TikLoan offered the most efficient service to us on our 3rd loan application. They made the whole process run smoothly and easily. The entire team made all the interactions and correspondence, which always freed us up and saved us from the run-around and tension that comes with the coordination of applying for a medical loan.

Punya Agavekar
Punya Agavekar, Pune

TikLoan team was great to deal with. The team went out of their way to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Overall they made the whole experience very stress-free from a patient perspective. Highly recommend TikLoan to any patient seeking assistance in a medical loan.

-  Shivay Sharma, Allahabad
Shivay Sharma, Allahabad

So grateful to TikLoan! Insurance was not covering the amount of the entire treatment and loan from TikLoan came really handy. They helped me get instant online approval and ensured that my case is being treated as a priority and picked documents immediately. I would always recommend TikLoan to everyone seeking medical loans.

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